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January 08, 2018

2018 CES  

Artificial Flavors...

REAL Intelligence


by John Miller

images by Lee Lichtenstein

The 2018 CES ('Electronics Show') doesn't officially open until Wednesday, but the Press Previews already have set the tone: Intelligence---both real and artificial. Thousands of exhibitors showing off the latest in high-tech wares. Back with a vengeance: 3-D printing, drones (quad-copters no longer being accurate as some copters feature five or six powered blades), self-driving cars---all cutting edge. ML1 Media looked at high-tech gear, 'low' tech gear, with special emphasis in value and mobility.

Check back here during the week as we give our take on highlights of the show:

Our first in-depth look will cover digital assistants including the offerings from Google and Amazon.


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