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November Highlights

Macy's 86th Edition Thanksgiving Day Parade - 2012

Excess/unsold images from the ML1 Library


[by john miller and Ray DiSilvestro]

As 'luck' would have it, ML1 Media was able to collect a BUMPER CROP of photographs from an assignment to cover the Macy's - New York City Thanksgiving Day Parade for 2012 (---> translation: a client purchased a fraction of the images captured and left the rest for unlicensed distribution).

Here, then, are the images taken by ML1 staff that are part of the ML1 Excess Image Library (---> translation: Bonepile). The bulk of the Macy's Parade images were captured from an aerial perch, 20 floors above ground level. (The balloon photos above were taken the night before the Parade at the inflation-staging area on the upper West side of Manhattan). An abbreviated slideshow of the Parade images can also be viewed here:


All images here are owned and copyrighted by ML1 Media and are available for sale or license.



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